helping people with lots of ideas execute the meaningful ones

reclaim your productivity + purpose

reclaim your productivity
+ purpose

... would you like to...

save time

create space

be focused

get stuff done

be present

be creative

have energy

find solutions

raise self-love

feel clear

less of what you have to do.
more of what you want to do.

Do you have lots of ideas and don’t know how to execute?
Do you wonder how others manage so much incoming info?
Do you spend too much time looking for documents and not finding them? Have you lost hope discovering a productivity system that works for you?  Do you feel like time is passing and you’re not living up to your potential?

you are meant for more.

would you like to add 748 hours a year to your life?

36% of a workday is spent looking for stuff
44% of the time, the stuff doesn’t get found

what would you do with 748 hours?

Meet Sophie Chiche

becurrent’s founder, life strategist, creative visionary, entrepreneur, author, TEDx speaker, psychologist, and everyday badass

Have you ever started something and not finished?

I have. Ever since I was a child, I’ve had lots of ideas. Some worth pursuing and some not. becurrent was born to help me sort out which are which. If one of my ideas can move the needle forward, inspire someone, or resolve something, I want to know how to execute it. If it makes the world ever so slightly better, I don’t want my lack of organization, focus or clarity to get in the way. And I don’t want anything to get in the way of your great ideas seeing the light of day.

My life has been affected by other people’s ideas so very deeply, and so has yours. We all have a piece to contribute to the larger puzzle of life. So, if you have ideas that would make a difference and you get stuck in the weeds, come learn to be current.

be(ing) current means no energy is wasted in indecision, confusion, and unclear priorities.
be(ing) current means aligning your ducks in a row so when you sit down to do your work, you have power, focus, clarity, direction, and stamina.

I developed the becurrent methodology in the trenches of being a psychologist, an entrepreneur, a journalist, and a mom. It got my ducks in a row. I have an inkling it will get yours too.

To Being Current


clients say


Evolutionary Catalyst

“Sophie ignites joy and engagement wherever she shows up. She invites you into full presence and possibility with humor and sweetness clothing a solid core of integrity and creative juiciness.”


Commerce Executive

“The relief comes from everything being captured in my BeCurrent system. I know it will all be there when I get back. I don’t have to worry about something being missed; it’s just delayed. That allows me to really relax.”



“Our time together was game changing. It has cleared the path for a few client opportunities that I know came because the energy was more open. Thank you, and thank you for keeping me accountable.”

the world needs your solutions.

becurrent is designed to help you change your inner dialogue and daily habits so you can get stuff done. It’s about cutting through the noise to execute what really matters to you.

This evidence-based productivity system is designed to help you transform how you view productivity. It’s not just enough to have a to-do list which is why becurrent is designed to change your habits and get accountability along the way.

Read the case studies on this page to get an idea of what happens from the work we do.

Whether you’re a creative looking to bring structure to your life or a company looking to transform your work culture, becurrent can help you find more ease, tap into your creativity, and do more of what brings you joy each day.

how do you bring new ideas to life?

what’s your productivity type?