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less of what you have to do.
more of what you want to do.

Do you have lots of ideas and don’t know how to execute?
Do you wonder how others manage so much incoming info?
Do you spend too much time looking for documents and not finding them? Have you lost hope discovering a productivity system that works for you?  Do you feel like time is passing and you’re not living up to your potential?

you are meant for more.

would you like to add 748 hours a year to your life?

36% of a workday is spent looking for stuff
44% of the time, the stuff doesn’t get found

what would you do with 748 hours?

Meet Sophie Chiche

She’s an entrepreneur. An author. A psychologist. A philanthropist. A social activist. But most of all, she’s a force of nature.

Sophie loves being witness to people transforming their lives.

Sophie created becurrent to share the methodology she used running a 300-employee company, writing a couple of books, building her dream home, losing a couple of hundred pounds, and producing a documentary. Her unique talents have led to highly successful businesses, commendable social ventures, and executive coaching assignments that result in purpose, profit, and positive impact for everyone involved.

Sophie has a unique ability to cut through the baggage and the clutter that keep people trapped in situations that don’t match their dreams. She has done so using all of her talents – not just her leadership and entrepreneurial gifts, but her empathy, her vision, and of course, her knowledge in the field of psychology (after earning her Masters’ Degrees in Business and Journalism in her native Paris, she added one in psychology after moving to L.A). 

Sophie’s presence and care create a bond where individuals, staff, and businesses feel supported and connected, which breeds courage that leads to incredible results.

becurrent is a productivity system that propels brilliant procrastinators into their greatness. It is a mix of mindset and habit modifications that create a whole different experience when you sit down to get your sh*t done. 
becurrent has cracked the code on being productive with purpose, giving those who use it a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind, simultaneously. 

To Being Current,


clients say


Evolutionary Catalyst

“Sophie ignites joy and engagement wherever she shows up. She invites you into full presence and possibility with humor and sweetness clothing a solid core of integrity and creative juiciness.”


Commerce Executive

“The relief comes from everything being captured in my BeCurrent system. I know it will all be there when I get back. I don’t have to worry about something being missed; it’s just delayed. That allows me to really relax.”



“Our time together was game changing. It has cleared the path for a few client opportunities that I know came because the energy was more open. Thank you, and thank you for keeping me accountable.”

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how do you get things done?

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