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By Sophie Chiche| 

Jun, 11 2021| 

Act I: Morning [Before your feet touch the ground]

My friendship with Gay Hendricks deepened greatly when we realized we had a similar routine before getting out of bed. To not set foot on the ground until we felt profound appreciation for our lives. Sometimes I forget and put my foot down, and I pull it right back as if my foot had touched toxic water- which in some metaphoric way, it did.

Entering our day/ life without some form of gratitude ignores loads of science that has come out in the last few years describing gratitude as a free antidepressant with no side effects.

Studying a person’s brain as they are mustering reasons to feel grateful and you will see rises in dopamine and serotonin, both responsible for ‘good feelings.’

Good strategy before you go out there and take the day on.

Act II: Mid-day [Check your pulse]

Not your actual pulse. But many other metrics. Are you hungry? Do you need to stretch? Are you feeling good about how your morning went? Are you hydrated?

It is a funny concept that we do it for our car, but not for ourselves. When our car needs gas or oil, or windshield fluid, it blinks, beeps louder and louder until we pay attention. And we do. We fill our gas tank or bring the car in, but we don’t give ourselves the same courtesy. Granted, our nose does not blink, and our ears don’t turn purple when we need something, so take a mid-day pause. Scan your body, your emotions, and your mental state. And adjust accordingly. You will save time and get a second wind if you don’t try to keep pushing when you need gas or oil.

Act III: Evening [Reboot yourself]

Clearing the emotional debris from your day is as smart as emptying the trash regularly from your kitchen. Emres, aka Emotional Resolution, is a revolutionary technique to release traumas and emotional disturbance. Having a ritual before completing the day allows starting the evening, the night, and the next day fresh. This approach takes a few minutes once you know how to do it. There are many other practices to unload the day, but this Act is about wrapping up. Letting it go. Allowing space to create a new tomorrow.

In closing, you are the boss. Too many people imagine someone else has the keys to their kingdom. You own the keys. Heck, you are the keys. Adopt a few practices to maintain yourself sane, at least as much as you do for your car. You deserve it.