Don’t forget to celebrate

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Yesterday, I was hanging out with a friend of mine when she asked how business was going. I told her things were going great, we had just signed our first major clients and are on the brink of some exciting partnerships. She was so excited for me, she teared up and asked how I was going to celebrate.

I hadn’t even thought of celebrating.

She told me I absolutely had to celebrate every little step along the way. She said it had taken her three years in business before she really allowed herself to celebrate, but that in reality, every little bit was worth celebrating – even if that celebration was just doing a happy dance.

I started laughing, and was at a loss for words…

Because celebration is key to the beccurent process.

l literally spend my days explaining to people the power and the purpose of it, and celebrating with them as they complete their tasks. And yet, the thought of intentionally celebrating the successes in our business had not even crossed my mind.

We laughed and smiled together, and she reminded me that that’s what good friends are often for, reminding us of the stuff we already know…and then she asked again how I was going to celebrate.

I’m not quite sure what form my celebration of all the good stuff recently is going to take (although I’m fairly sure it’s going to include drinking an iced beverage under the trees in my favorite park)…

But if you need a friendly reminder to celebrate any or all of the little or big things that are going well in your life – this is it.

It’s time to go do a happy dance.


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