High-functioning systems (or lack thereof) can make or break relationships

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And those relationships can make or break your business.

Yesterday, I met with a client we’ve been working with for just over a month. Our meeting was quick and efficient, and energizing for us both.

In the span of a few weeks, he has gone from complaining regularly about his business partner’s decisions, and how he was spending his own time as a result – to feeling connected to his partner and confident in how he was spending his own time.

What changed?

A couple things.

First, both he and his partner have started implementing personal becurrent systems. So, they have easy ways to track what they say they’ll do, and by when. And as a result they have a clear picture of how they were spending their time, where they were procrastinating, and why.

Is it because they didn’t want to do something? Or because they felt like they didn’t have enough time? Did they need more information? Or do they not understand how the task fits into the bigger picture?

Once they could see their own habits clearly, they were able to start having meaningful conversations with each other, and get aligned on what actions would take them where they really wanted to go.

The second thing that made a difference for them was having daily meetings. In the past, they never wanted to meet that often because it would have been a huge waste of time, since their weekly meetings were already long and rambling, and often wasted a lot of time.

For most people, more meetings do not usually mean more productivity, because they have crappy systems – for both their takeaways, and the meetings themselves. Meetings can be a huge drain of time and energy, so people tend to avoid having unnecessary ones.

The problem with this is they also tend to start avoiding having important conversations. Or when they do, they are unable to speak clearly about what’s happening because they don’t have the necessary information or a clear understanding of the whole picture.

So little problems go unresolved. And those little problems turn into little resentments. And those problems and the resentments grow. This is one of the main reasons why partnerships in business are often a mess.

While a good system won’t magically make all problems in business or tensions in a relationships go away. It can go a long way to helping everyone stay on track. Because, when everyone on a team has a simple and reliable way to handle the tasks that come their way, and there’s a clear and efficient way for everything that needs to be discussed to be discussed – no more and no less – communication skyrockets.

And when people are communicating efficiently and effectively, relationships and by extension, companies, can thrive.


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