Productivity as a Path to Purpose

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We were on a call with a new client a couple weeks ago, explaining what we do, and she blurted out “oh, so you use productivity as a path to purpose!”

Soph and I looked at each other, and said, “Yes!! That’s exactly what we do.”

Here’s the thing:

We’re not really interested in helping people be “more productive”.

In fact, I’m not even sure we think being “more productive” is really a thing.

I think most people think getting more done in less time is being more productive. But usually, when you start getting more done in less time, you or someone else just adds more to your plate, and you are right back where you started.

So, it’s a never-ending cycle. And an exhausting one.

What we are really interested in is teaching people how to do what’s meaningful to them.

How to align your actions with what you really want in life.

How to have time to do everything you want to do, and not feel like you have to leave things on the table because you’re “too busy”.

If you want to start a business, we want you to be doing what you need to do to get where you want to go.

If you’re an artist, we want you to be doing everything you ‘need to be doing’ so you have time to do your art.

If you want to spend more time with your partner or family, we want you to be thinking about your kids while you’re with them and your work while you’re working, not vice versa.

A lot of people can accomplish a lot during the day, and still feel like they haven’t done enough. So, doing more is not the answer.

The answer is actually doing what’s important to you.

How do you that?

Well, first you have to get everything out of your head in front of you so you can take a good look at it. When you can actually see how your spending your time, you open up the possibility of making different choices.

The next step is to have a really good system to help you organize those choices, and of course, we think becurrent is the best.

If you want in on that goodness, you can book a free consult with us here.


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