Learn how to collaborate with your mind. Reclaim your to-do list and learn to  collaborate with your mind. We’ll help you create dynamic systems that allow you to feel spacious, easy and joyful.

We can help leverage becurrent to create calm in your business, foster productivity in your teams, and to transform your culture. Becurrent elevates productivity for executives, leaders, teams and clients.

Stop getting stuck in the minutia and create the systems that will help you fly. Because you deserve a system that supports your BIG goals, BIG life, and BIG impact.

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 Are you ready to transform your life doing more of what you want to do and less of what you have to? 

frequently asked questions

Go to our work with me page or our contact page. There are three ways you can learn the becurrent methodology: one on one, in a live group session, or on your own. 

You can also read our blog which contains lots of info. In the blog, you can learn a lot without spending a dime.

Don’t forget to take our complimentary quiz to learn about your personal style of productivity. 

It takes six weeks to transform the way you do what you do. You will quickly identify what works and what doesn’t. You will set up the system that will allow you to get all you want to do done. You will change the mindset that has sabotaged you in the past. You will release the core limitations that have kept you stuck. You will take on new habits that will finally change how you show up in your life. You will experience being the captain of your boat.

Weeks 1-2: we audit your systems and implement becurrent.

Weeks 3-6we set up weekly coaching to accompany your transformation.

Absolutely. Go to our contact page, and set up a call. Happy to chat about where you are, where you want to go, and how we can help you get there.

Yes, yes, and yes. Lots of people do.

We don’t need to [it works really well on zoom].

This is a little like asking how long it will take to get in shape. It depends on many factors. The shape you are in currently, how often you get yourself to the gym, your age, your metabolism…you get the idea. Same with becurrent.

We would be lying to say you’ll go from 0 to 60 productivity-wise during the first session. We’ve seen people up and at it in a couple of weeks, and we’ve seen people need a couple of months to feel really solid.

We can, and we find that the success of the system rises by 45% if you’re directly involved. Without your involvement, it’s like sending your assistant to the gym hoping you’ll get great abs.

Once you’re solid, we can involve the people who support you – in addition to you, not instead of you.

We can tell you it’s better, and we think it is. Remember, however, that whatever habits you have somewhere else,  you’re going to bring here.

A bit like diets, the mindset you bring to the plate is crucial. We accompany you weekly while your new habits are formed.

We do what we can to support you, but you need to bring wood to the party, if you want a vibrant fire in the fireplace of your life.

$3900 If you want to work with me one on one. I work closely with you for six weeks. We visit every corner. We explore your specific mindset and habits that have you stuck and the ones that have you thriving. It’s customized just for you.  It’s intense, and it’s healing and transformational. 

$969 If you want to join a live group. A new group starts every month and runs for six weeks. In six sessions, you share the experience with a community of peers. It’s intense and healing and transformational. 

$459 If you prefer to do the work on your own. You pick how fast, what time of day, and for how long at a time you do it. [You know yourself – if you have the discipline to do it on your own, this is great option. If your tendency is to sign up for online self-directed classes and then not do them, do yourself a favor and upgrade to at least the group option. It really helps to show up weekly to a group of peers focused on a similar goal.]


We also work with families, teams, and companies. Go to our contact page, and set up a call to discuss what you are wanting to accomplish and the budget for your specific needs.

We absolutely do. Drop us a line. We have many ways to support you.

We love making this great methodology available to those doing good work in the world.

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